Friday, September 07, 2012

We're out of Za'atar

This is a deja vu. In fact I have another entry with this exact same title. Where's it's amusing is that it was someone else who was fussy about the Za'atar not me. 

Now it's me. I went to Akhavan to pick up Kashkaval and a whole bunch of other things they carry that I enjoy. I did not find Za'atar Halabi. And apparently for me it isn't Za'atar if it's not Za'atar Halabi.

On a completely unrelated subject, my daughter, the sailor, is in port! She dropped by briefly last night with a ship mate to say hello. Today we shopped. I left work at 12:15 and picked up her. We first went to Carrefour Laval where I got to find the same trench coat that I lost sometime in June, and I got it cheaper the 2nd time around then the first time around at Simons. That was the only real purchase I made today. My daughter mostly wanted accessories, so we went to 2 different Ardene's. She picked up 4 pairs of flats, and some bling for when she goes out.  I dropped her off at the hair dressers on our way back from shopping.

Tomorrow I get to visit the ship that's she's been on for the past few months. And take photos.. WooT and meet some of her mates.  The last time I was on a Navy ship in port I was younger then she is now.

Speaking of young, some kid today mistook me for my daughter's sister. So we both burst out laughing. Then we said, no we're mother daughter, he mistook me for daughter and her for mother. Like seriously, maybe get new glasses? But at the same time it makes me feel like young.  

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