Saturday, September 15, 2012

Le Lac Jamet, on n'y est jamais arrivé

Many things that could go wrong went wrong and we never made it to the lake we expected to camp at. Our experience in the reserve faunique Rouge-Matawin was so poor that we were back home by noon today.   

It was quite an adventure, I like offroading, and I've been to quite a few places this summer that were off the beaten path, but this was undoubtedly the worst kept trail ever. Between the fallen trees, and the unmarked rocks all over the place, and in some places ditches and ravines on a road barely wide enough for SUV, and the trails were not marked at all once we got on the 41. The place to get information closed at 4pm and would not re-open till 8am the next morning.

After hitting what my companion called a 'bear claw' in the road which may have damaged my vehicle and almost sent the canoe flying off the truck, breaking the brand new straps we got to put the canoe on the truck, we backtracked to a Y in the road and pretty much parked and camped there for the night because it was wide enough to accommodate a tent. By then it was pitch dark and I didn't want to end in a ravine. Oh did I mention there was torrential rain pouring the entire time we went looking for this lake and the last hour was almost in complete darkness.

The punster in me can't help noticing that this lake is called Lac Jamet - which is French and sounds like jamais, which is the French word for NEVER. So... we never made it to lake never!


Worse camping week-end ever. Never canoed. Took us over an hour to put up tarp in rain and I couldn't sleep because we were camping on the trail and I was afraid some drunk idiot would come barrelling out of nowhere and kill us. What the irrational mind thinks after being stressed out.... We didn't see a soul the entire time we were on the off road trail. Well except for 3 cotton tail deer, 3 regular deer, a partridge, a loon, a raven family and several chipmunks.

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  1. Wow kinda similar to my first LaTuque trip .... sometimes adventure just isn't fun o.0


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