Wednesday, September 05, 2012

I'm wondering what country I woke up in this morning.

I know politics can mean heated debates. But seriously, some douchebag thought it was a good idea to go to where Pauline Marois was having her victory party, as her party won the Quebec elections and are going to have a minority government, and shoot into the crowd, leaving 1 dead, 1 injured and 1 in total shock.  Then as police arrested the idiot he mumbled in broken French "The English are waking up". 

Since when do the "English" take guns and shoot people in Quebec? You're not happy with the Election results, there are 9 other provinces and 3 territories for you to move. Killing someone because they got elected is not an option dumbass!!!!

There is something wrong with society when you get this kind of level of violence. It's gratuitous. What did the man expect? That he was going to kill Marois and it would change the election results? It's sad that it was employees in the club in charge of security that got hurt. However they can be thanked for doing a wonderful job keeping Quebec's first female premier safe.

I can't say I'm exactly thrilled that the PQ came in, and I don't care much for Pauline Marois. But we needed some change from Charest and the Liberals. I used to be a huge PQ fan back in the day of Rene Levesque. He was my hero. This party isn't close to what it used to be under the leadership of Rene, but at least it's change and after the spring and summer of protests I'm sure this is a welcome change. Will it make a difference in my life, probably not.

I learned doing this quiz on CBC that my current political leanings put me closest to Quebec Solidaire and the Quebec Green party.  I'm not surprised, I'm not so main stream.

What I love the most about this Election is that Charest did not even get elected in his riding.  :)

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