Saturday, September 15, 2012

I did not know shoes are a metaphor for the vagina

Learn something new every day.  I wonder what it says about women who must have hundreds of shoes? Personally I've been mostly buying really comfortable shoes and still trying to find some that I find sexy too... but I still wonder what shoes have to do with vaginas?

I ended up with these thoughts after reading "Is the vagina the new penis".

and stumbled into this series of photos and thoughts "The tale of two burka's"

While we're discussing vaginas, what about women who feel the need to get vaginoplasty, that is plastic surgery of their vagina!!! I mean how often does one look at your vagina? Who sets standards on vagina beauty? How do these women come to conclude that their vagina needs surgery? Have they looked at too much porn?  Where else are they going to see a large sampling of close up female genitalia? And even then, most of these photos are airbrushed!!!

I don't know what to think about Naomi Wolf's new book "Vagina", but I'll reserve that opinion for after I read it.  However I can tell you I will not read "Fifty shades of grey", just saying...

And last but not least, the strangest things hidden in women vaginas

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